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Homes for Sale in Pear Blossom, Meridian, ID

In the southern part of Meridian Road, along I-84 highway lies the gated residential community of Pear Blossom. Situated just south of Lake Hazel, this affluent neighborhood prides itself in its classy and comfortable homes of one-acre sizes in lots. The established subdivision of Pear Blossom is a close-knit private community of 20 custom homes. The elegant residences of Pear Blossom offer breathtaking views of the Owyhee Mountains and spacious living spaces of up to 3,600 square-feet. The quintessential estates in Pear Blossom range from three to four-bedroom units that come with three and a half bathrooms for an ultimately comfortable living. Residents can enjoy the comforts of having spacious backyards with room for personalized upgrades such as swimming pools, play areas for your kids, fences, and more. Pear Blossom homes are also equipped with modern amenities which includes a high-tech sanitation system and pressurized irrigation for green lawns even in the summer. Additional facilities of Pear Blossom Way include an outdoor community parking for boats and RVs. If you’re looking for a new home in the mostly agricultural district south of Meridian, you’ll love the properties for sale in the Pear Blossom community.

Neighborhood Amenities:

Paved and Landscaped Walkways
Large Home Lots with Room for Upgrade
Private Swimming Pools
Children’s Playground
Anchor Baptist Church

School Information:

Northwest Lineman College
Silver Trail Elementary

Pear Blossom, Meridian, ID

Available listings of Homes for Sale in Pear Blossom, Meridian, ID

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