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Discover Paramount Living in Meridian, ID

Discover Paramount Living in Meridian, ID

The Many Reasons Why Paramount Is a Better Place to Live

The Paramount subdivision in Meridian, Idaho, is quite unlike almost all other neighborhoods, owing chiefly to its comprehensive master planning. And that means that Paramount living is different, too – in palpably good ways.

Simply put, living in Paramount is better than living in many other places. Here are a just few of the many things that make it better. . .

  • Planning
  • Lifestyle
  • Builders
  • Access
  • Attention to detail

Paramount, then, is a Meridian neighborhood that definitely warrants closer examination.

Meridian, ID, Overview

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Any neighborhood’s larger context within the city where it’s located determines in large part the quality, desirability, and livability – thus impacting the feel and atmosphere – of that neighborhood. And so it is with Paramount and, naturally, Paramount living.

Established in 1891, Meridian is located in Ada county, not far from the capital city of Boise, and has a population of just over 97,000. Meridian is also the tenth fastest-growing city in the nation and the fastest-growing city in Idaho and for some very good reasons . . .

Safety and Family Friendliness

“Meridian is a city very focused on the safety and comfort of its citizens. The streets are clean and well maintained and feed conveniently to safe and beautiful neighborhoods. The crime rate is very low at about .08 percent, about one-sixth of that of the entire US. For this reason, and many others, Meridian has been named on a variety of top places to live listings.”

Quality, Affordable Housing

Despite, or perhaps because of, its explosive growth, Meridian boasts an abundance of beautiful, quality, and affordable housing. Options range from single-family homes in quiet neighborhoods to to chic townhouses to lofts.

Vibrant, Bustling Downtown

The downtown area is thriving and chock full of businesses and opportunities for entertainment and dining. Some favorite downtown restaurants are Epi’s Basque Restaurant, Kahootz, Corona Village, and Idaho Pizza Company.

Plentiful Employment Opportunities

“As the city has expanded and grown, job opportunity has flourished alongside it. Boise (just 15 minutes away) is being heralded as the next tech startup scene, and with new businesses, stores and shops opening all over the valley, there is both a booming economy and jobs to support it.”

Beautiful Family-Friendly Parks

“Meridian has a multitude of city parks that are always clean and safe, such as Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park and Settlers Parks,” as well as an off-leash dog park, Storey Bark Park.

Easy Access to Neighboring Cities

Not only is it easy to get around within the city, but there’s also easy access to neighboring cities. A big plus is the widening and improvement of I-84, which has cut down commute times for many residents.

Good Schools and Education Opportunities

These opportunities include Boise State University, which is only a 20 t0 30-minute drive away, and Idaho State University’s recently opened campus in Meridian.

Entertainment and Culture

“The feel of Meridian is one of a safe, comfortable town much smaller than the population it actually boasts. But it is certainly not devoid of the types of entertainment and culture found in larger cities either.”

These appealing features that characterize Meridian are also characteristic of Paramount. So, now we need to take a look at exactly what distinguishes Paramount.

Paramount Overview

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Most cities and neighborhoods grow and develop organically – which is just a nice way to say without planning and haphazardly. So what you typically get in many parts of many cities is sore-thumb buildings and houses, narrow winding streets, and layouts without any readily apparent rhyme or reason.

But this is absolutely not the case with Paramount.

Paramount, a premier master-planned community located in Northwest Meridian, Idaho, is considered one of the largest neighborhoods in the city and Meridian’s most comprehensive master-planned community.

“Its quiet, peaceful streets are lined with trees and European village inspired light fixtures. At the center of the Paramount real estate is the clubhouse, which is host to several community events throughout the year, such as the annual Fourth of July celebration, events during the Boise State University football season, and the neighborhood chili cook-off celebration held every November. Within the clubhouse area, you will also find the fitness facility and one of the subdivision’s three pools. Miles of walking paths and parks allow residents to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

“This subdivision covers one square mile, bordered by Chinden Boulevard to the North, McMillan Road to the South, and Meridian Road and Linder Road to the East and West. Paramount is strategically located in the Treasure Valley, providing convenient access to Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, Eagle, and the airport. Downtown commuters have several options, including Highway 44 (State Street), Chinden Boulevard, and Interstate 84. A new interchange leading to Ten Mile Road will soon provide even more options.”

It’s the planning and intentional development that make all the difference, making Paramount living a genuinely unique experience.

Why Paramount Living Is . . . Better

So is Paramount living really better, and if so, why? Well, let’s consider what we mentioned at the beginning . . .

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The Planning

Because Paramount is a comprehensively master-planned community in Meridian, nearly everything its one square mile comprises has been extensively planned. That means both residential and commercial structures, with strict architectural quality controls, are intentionally planned to be in harmony with all elements within and without.

The Lifestyle

With all the necessary amenities close by – and with many of them within Paramount on completion – residents aren’t forced to spend hours driving. In addition, without all the traffic, the neighborhood is peaceful and quiet.

The Builders

Paramount was developed by the best builders in the Treasure Valley to ensure uniform quality throughout the subdivision.

The Access

With a central location in the Treasure Valley, Paramount living affords easy access and short drives to the airport, Boise, Nampa, and Caldwell. Downtown commuters have several options, including an interstate, a state highway, and a main local artery.

The Attention to Detail

Because almost nothing in Paramount is accidental, the smaller details of the neighborhood, such as the historically inspired street lamps, fit with the whole, complementing and supporting all the other elements.

But More Than Just Planning . . .

But don’t think the result if all this planning is a monotonously uniform neighborhood redolent of The Stepford Wives. Nope, not at all.

Consider, for example, a few of Paramount’s nearby entertainment and dining options . . .

  • “The Village at Meridian Narrow is a central gathering place in the city. This European themed plaza provides a relaxing setting with its cobblestone streets lined with trees, fountains, and charming storefronts, and the sight of the high-desert foothills in the distance.”
  • “The Kleiner Park, just a few minutes’ walk from The Village, offers a nice, relaxing atmosphere. It is the perfect spot to spend a sunny afternoon, where you can play a game of bocce ball, go fishing in a nearby pond, or simply enjoy walking along its tree-lined paths.”
  • “For home-cooked food served in a warm, welcoming place that feels like home, go to Epi’s. The menu features authentic Basque cuisine cooked with only fresh ingredients and traditional techniques. You have to try their succulent beef medallions served in a rich Basque sauce, and the fried calamari served with a special house aioli.”
  • “Fat Guy’s Fresh Deli is the place to go to for delicious deli sandwiches. You will find that their menu is filled with a vast array of choices, from classics like the chicken Caesar wrap or the meatball sandwich, to something nouveau, like their Mountain Man, made with pastrami, bacon, lettuce, and potato salad on the sandwich.”

Paramount – it’s just better.