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All You Should Know Before Relocating to Meridian, Idaho

All You Should Know Before Relocating to Meridian, Idaho

Packing your bags to relocate to a new city can be quite tough. You have probably made lots of memories in your old city over the years. The only thing that helps is knowing that you are moving to a city with similar or even better amenities. And this is what you get when relocating to Meridian, Idaho.

Previously a quiet and sleepy city, Meridian has grown in leaps and bounds over the recent past. Today, Meridian is the fastest growing city in Idaho, and for good reasons. More and more people are relocating to this city due to its great job opportunities, excellent recreation options, vibrant culture, and low crime rates. The city also boasts of clean family-friendly parks that your family will enjoy.

If you are looking to relocate to Meridian, then you should look no further.  We shall break down all you need to know before moving to this fascinating city.

Why Relocating to Meridian is A Great Idea

Relocating to a different city or town is a life-changing decision, which is why you should have everything at your fingertips before making the jump. Here are some reasons why you will love living in Meridian, Idaho.

The Perfect Location in Idaho Whether you just got your dream job in Meridian or are looking for greener business opportunities, you will love the strategic location of the city.


Meridian is only a few miles away from Boise, Idaho’s capital city that has a large population of almost 200,000 residents.
The western part of the city has beautiful farmlands, while you can find attractive mountains and hills in the northeast side.
Nampa, the second-largest city in Idaho, is also in proximity to Meridian. The city is a large economic hub, which presents several opportunities for Meridian residents.
Commuting in the city is also a breeze as you will have easy access to the freeway. The average commute time in Meridian is also quite short.
Housing is one of the most important things to consider when relocating. You don’t just need enough space for you or your family. You should have spectacular views when you wake up, or even a well-curated garden to plant your tomatoes. Luckily, the real estate market in Meridian is diverse, and has something for everyone. So, whether you are single, married or living with an extended family, you will get the perfect home.


You will find single-family homes with plenty of space for your family and any pets that you have. The median price for such a home is about $575,000.
If you are single or a young professional in the city, then you can easily find a loft or a townhouse.
Moving to another house is easy as there are many families relocating to Meridian, which means you can quickly sell your house. In fact, the average selling period is roughly 36 days.
A Family-Friendly Community in Idaho Most large cities do not have strong communal ties like Meridian does. A lot of families, even those working in Boise choose to reside in the city. You can easily see the family-friendly culture in the extensive communal activities that happen in the city.


A quick walk through the city reveals the well-maintained and cleaned streets. These streets open up to safe and serene family neighborhoods.
You can choose to enjoy the sun or have a fun-filled afternoon in the several parks found in Meridian. Visit the Settlers Park or the Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park with your family if you are looking for fun activities.
Meridian is also home to Storey Bark Park, the only off-leash dog park in the city.
You will also want to visit the Eagle Island State Park, which is a 545-acre park that offers nice swimming activities and a lush picnic spot. This is also a great place for hiking or horse riding, as it has a dedicated 5-mile trail for these activities.
Residents of Meridian city enjoy serene and safe neighborhoods.  The last thing you want is to have a burglar in your house even before unpacking all your boxes.


Meridian is a large city, but it has a pretty low crime rate. The city has been rated as 74% safer than other cities in the US.  The crime rate is 51% lower than the national average.
Relocating to Meridian is also perfect if you love exercising or going out for walks, as it has a Walk Score of 21.
The city is close to Boise, which has a rich yet safe nightlife if you love going out for beers or cocktails after work.
Property values have been skyrocketing in the city thanks to its reputation as one of the safest cities in the country.
Enjoy the Diversity in Idaho Idaho is not one of the places you’d think of when looking for a diverse place. Lately, Meridian has become a business hub with people flocking in the city from different parts of the world. You will get access to different art, culture, and even cuisines.


Partake in scrumptious Italian cuisine at the popular Gino’s Italian Ristorante
Grab a delicious burger on your way home at the Habit Burger Grill, the best burger spot in the city.
If you love having a delightful breakfast then you will love Moe Joe’s Breakfast eatery
Seafood lovers would not get enough of the dishes at Lucky Fins Seafood grill.
Pueblo Lindo, a classy Mexican restaurant, offers exceptional food and great ambiance.
Education is an important consideration for any family that seeks to relocate. The good thing about relocating to Meridian, Idaho is the easy access to quality public and private schools. Whether you are looking for a kindergarten for your young kids or college education for your older children, you can be sure to get a good school.


Meridian city belongs to the Meridian school district that has more than 50 public schools serving over 35,000 students. Some top performing public K12 schools include Hunter Elementary, Paramount Elementary School, Rocky Mountain and Victory Middle School among others.
There are more than 5 private schools in Meridian City.  These schools offer quality education that emphasizes on academics, sports, and other achievements. Some good private K12 schools include Ambrose School, The Challenger School, and Cole Valley Christian Schools.
Boise State University is a great option for those seeking higher education. The school offers more than 200 courses and boasts of more than 25,000 college students. Other available options include Franklin University, The College of Idaho, and University of Phoenix among others.
Boredom is an unfamiliar concept for Meridian Residents. There are lots of fun things that you can do around the city. So whether you are with your family or are looking for a good time then you rest assured that you will have a good time.


If you are into cars then you will love Meridian Speedway. You can always find racing or car events, classic cars, and monster trucks among others. There are also lots of friends to make so you won’t feel lonely.
Park lovers also have a great time in the city. There are beautiful parks such as Kleiner Park that allow you to attend concerts or get a cold one at the beer garden.
There are several boutiques to shop in, movie cinemas and even nightclubs that you can visit without having to leave the city.
Your kids will also love Roaring Springs, which is the largest waterpark in Idaho. Here you will find lots of summer activities including wave pools, water slides, and boat riding among others.
All you should know about Meridian City infographic

Pack Your Bags and Enjoy Living in Meridian

From plenty of sunshine round the year to the availability of career opportunities, there are several reasons why you will not regret relocating to Meridian. You will get plenty of things to do and see without having to ever leave the city. What’s more? You will love the luxurious homes in Meridian, especially if you work with the right real estate firm. Our team will work round the clock to ensure that you get the best real estate deals in Meridian. Contact us today for a quick consultation.