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Why Meridian Idaho is A Great City For Everyone

Why Meridian Idaho is A Great City For Everyone

Meridian is the most sought-after city in the entire state of Idaho. As many more people flock to Meridian, it is now rated as the fastest growing city in Idaho. As the third-largest city in the state and one of the best cities to live in the United States, people are relocating to Meridian for its impeccable recreation options, great job market, family-friendly environment, low crime rates and lots more. If you’re wondering why you should relocate to this beautiful city, there are tons of reasons for you to do so.

Why Move to Meridian, Idaho?

Let’s dive in!


The location of Meridian is one of the greatest things about this beautiful city. Meridian is nestled in the Treasure Valley of Southwest Idaho. The city is surrounded by agricultural lands to the west and mountains to the Northeast which makes it a scenic place for many families to call home. More so, the city is only a few miles away from the capital city of the state, Boise. Meridian is also close to the city of Nampa, which is a significant hub for economic activities around the area.

Meridian’s speedy growth right from the year 2000 triggered industry and economic development across the city which has transformed it into one of the major cities in Idaho. Ever since the city has been listed among the best places to live in the United States including a ninth position on last year.  Considering the city’s suitable freeway access and a reasonably short average commute for its residents, the city will continue to be an attractive location for many years to come.  

Great Place for Families

Meridian is a sought-after city for many families which has led to a constant increase in the city’s population over the years. Many of the families who work in Boise prefer to reside in Meridian which offers a more affordable housing option.

Meridian, ID Great Place for Families

The family-friendly nature of the city includes the range of activities at Eagle Island State Park and Roaring Springs Water Park etc. Meridian also boasts of great healthcareutilitiesschoolsrestaurants and lots more.

Low Crime Rate

Having a low crime rate is one of the key reasons why Meridian is a great place for families. On a scale of one to hundred, one being the least and hundred being the highest, Meridian’s violent crime rate is ranked 12.4 which is extremely lower than the United States average of 22.7. Also, the city’s property crime is rated 22.6 while the U.S. average for the same crime is 35.4.  This low crime rate makes the city a safe haven for many families and individuals who are concerned about safety.

Great Recreation Spots for Everyone

Meridian is popular for being an outdoor-friendly city because it has lots of open spaces. Just within few short driving distances within the city, you will find several spots for sight-seeing, watch birds of prey, discover places to ski, hike, go camping, and several other activities for amazing family time. More so, the city’s major entertainment opportunities reflect the family-friendly nature of the entire state. 

Eagle Island State Park

This state park covers a 545 acre that features a well-known swimming beach alongside a grassy picnic spot. If you enjoy horse riding or hiking, this park offers 5 miles of trails for that. More so, you’ll have access to a disc golf course as well as a zipline course which makes the park never a dull moment to spend the day.

Eagle Island State Park, Meridian, ID
  • Meridian Speedway

If you love speed, the Meridian Speedway has a lot to offer. It’s a chance to witness the best of super-thrilling speed racing. You’ll have the chance to see events such as world-famous boat racing, sprint cars as well as monster trucks. Meridian speedway is always an amazing moment to relive the fast and fun-loving!

  • Bogus Basin Ski Area

If you love tubing, snowboarding or skiing, the Bogus Basin is one of the best spots to visit. Nestled in the Boise National Forest, which is only 16 miles northeast of Boise, Bogus Basin experiences an average annual snowfall of 200-250 (7 lifts) and you’ll get the chance to visit several shops and restaurants. The spot is popular for being a perfect winter getaway!

  • Roaring Springs

Roaring Springs is the largest waterpark in the entire Northwest and its rated as one of the best waterparks in the entire United States. At the park, you can participate in a lot of family-friendly activities such as speed slides, spend time at the kiddies play area as well as a wave pool. Even more, aside the Roaring Springs is a great spot like the Wahooz family entertainment center which features an arcade, bumper cars, mini-golf, as well as go-carts.

Great Job Market

The city of Meridian’s job market looks great according to stats from Best Places. The unemployment rate in Meridian, Idaho is 2.70% which is significantly lower than the national average of 3.70%. Also, the median household income in the city is $64,375, which is significantly higher than the national average of $57,652. Also, Meridian’s recent job growth is 3.55% and is well above the national average of 1.59%. The city’s future job growth stands at 57.47% which is extremely higher than the national average of 33.51%. 

Amazing Housing Options

One of the best parts of moving to this beautiful city is the range of housing options available to everyone. Whether you prefer a luxury home in one of the city’s subdivisions or new developments with amenities such as a swimming pool, park, hiking and biking trail or you prefer a 3 bedroom/2 bath starter home in a cozy neighborhood, condominiums, multi-family, or ten-acre horse property, the Meridian’s real estate market has homes for every family and everyone else.

Amazing Housing Options in Meridian, ID

Interestingly, homes are reasonably priced in Meridian. Perhaps this is why the percentage of delinquent mortgages in the city is 0.5% which is lower than the United States average of 1.1%.

Experience Four Beautiful Season

From spring to summer, fall, and winter, residents in Meridian experience all four seasons completely with fairly pleasant temperatures for each. Snow and rainfall are typically light which means families still get the chance to spend a lot of time outdoor regardless of the temperature. Some of the typical activities during warm weather include swimming, horseback riding, hiking, fishing, and biking, etc. During the cold weather, some of the key activities in Meridian include ice fishing, elk feeding, skiing, hunting, and snowboarding, etc.

Shorter Commuting Time

Commuting has been associated with high rates of stress, obesity, and depression. Some studies also show that prolong commute time can shorten the human life span. Since 2010, the average American commute time has been getting longer. The national average of one-way commute time in the United States is 26.4 minutes. It only takes 22.2 minutes to drive through the same one-way commute time in Meridian. This makes it easier to go to commute to work and back on time and still have enough time for outdoor activities.

Relocating to Meridian Idaho can be a great experience for families and individuals. As mentioned earlier, the city has great options for anyone to choose where to stay. We can help you find the best places to live in the city as well as your perfect kind of home. We can as well help you with other information you need about the city. Contact us now to get started.